Instant access to exclusive parties that are already planned for you. Just click, shop, and done.

Start with 6 pre-planned parties and get a new party plan every month. You won’t find these parties anywhere else.

Instant access to exclusive parties that are already planned for you. Just click, shop, and done.

Start with 6 pre-planned parties and get a new party plan every month. You won’t find these parties anywhere else.

There’s more to planning a party than cruising pinterest.

Sure, you can get lots of ideas from Pinterest. But you also get LOTS of ideas from Pinterest.

How do you narrow down all those ideas into one cohesive party plan? You don’t have to struggle with it anymore.

I’ve already planned the party for you.

I’ve already planned the party for you.

You can skip right to the fun part (shopping!) and leave the stress of decision-making to me.

I’m Jennifer Needham

Founder of The Party Teacher


I’ve helped hundreds of moms plan their children’s birthday parties. I am an Atlanta-based wife and mom of twin girls. Since 2011, I’ve been making it easier for moms to create parties their kids declare “the best ever!”

But before all that, I was a mom just like you, reading party blog posts and wondering, “But HOW did she do that?” I figured it out, and now I want to share everything I’ve taught myself along the way. 

Let’s save you time, save you stress, and double the fun you have throwing your next party.



step 1

Choose your membership. Pay monthly or annually. You’ll get the same benefits either way, but you’ll pay less with an annual membership.


step 2

Choose your party plan from the exclusive membership site. Then, click the links to shop.


step 3

Ask any questions you want about the plan and I’ll answer on the membership site.


step 4

Set up and host your party! Use the tips included in the membership site plus your FREE copy of my Dessert Tables 101 eBook.

club members also get…

When you join The Party Plan Club, I’ll send you my Dessert Tables 101 eBookYou’ll get 100 pages of my advice, worksheets and to-do lists — as well as inspiring real party photos from my portfolio — so you can:

  • Choose Your Menu
  • Arrange Your Treats
  • Embellish Your Table
  • Create a Backdrop

Plus, you get:

  • 18 Sample Dessert Table Layouts and Menus
  • Planning and Shopping Checklist – printable worksheets you can use over and over!

Normally, a $29 value.

Plus, you get these checklists and worksheets that you can download and use every time you need them.

When you join The Party Plan Club…

Your party is already planned.

Your party is already planned.

Did you wait too long to start planning your party?  No problem.

Did your child change his or her mind about the party theme?  I’ve got you covered.

Need to throw multiple parties a year?  I’m full of ideas.

Have questions about your party?  I’m happy to answer.

What parties are included?

The six party plans below are automatically included when you join The Party Plan Club. Each month, I’ll release an additional party plan.

Here are the additional party plans that I’ll release in 2020.

have questions about the party plan club?

What information is included in each party plan?

For each party, I give you:

  • Color palette
  • Invitation options
  • First birthday party hat, high chair banner and invitation
  • Front door decor
  • Place settings
  • Dessert table set-up sketch
  • Dessert table menu
  • Party decor
  • Activities
  • Favors
  • Inspiration parties
Can I ask questions about the plans?

Absolutely! There is a comments section at the bottom of each party plan. If you have a question, just ask, and I’ll answer quickly.

What kinds of parties are included in the Party Plan Club?

The club focuses mainly on children’s birthday parties, for ages 1-10. You’ll find parties for boys and girls.

I also include a few holiday parties for kids, so you can celebrate all year round.

There also are a few parties for adults that would be great for bridal or baby showers or other events.

Are the parties in the Party Plan Club available anywhere else?

No. The Party Plan Club parties are exclusive to members. They are not on my blog and or anywhere else.

Can I request a specific theme?

Yes! I’m always excited to hear what party themes you’re interested in. 

How expensive are the parties to host?

While I don’t provide pricing for each suggested option, you can see the prices by clicking through the shopping links. 

I do try to choose options that are moderately priced. For instance, I’m not going to suggest an expensive cake design, even if it would be darling. I also try to choose options from a limited number of shops to help you consolidate shipping costs. You’ll also see a lot of items sourced from Amazon Prime for that same reason.

How is the Party Plan Club different from the party plans in your shop?

The Party Plan Club gives you access to my plans for multiple parties. I’ve pre-loaded the club with 6 parties, and add more parties each month. You do not receive a PDF. Instead, all the details are on the membership site. You can click the links to shop or reach tutorials.

The party plan PDFs in my shop are different. They give you all the details to throw one specific party. One PDF = one party.

Just so you know, I think you’re awesome! Thank you for everything. You always go above and beyond.

I owe you a big thank you. Andrea was so happy with her party. She loved it and had you to thank.

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