birthday parties for twins

I’m a mom of twin girls, so I know that planning two birthday parties in one can be a little overwhelming. And, if you have boy/girl twins, birthday party planning becomes that much more complicated.

That’s why I’ve rounded up my best birthday party ideas for twins. Be sure to check out these posts for inspiration, tips and a little shot of courage.

birthday party ideas for twins

My Top Party Tips for Twin Birthday Parties

Hosting One Party

Host one party, but make it a blow-out with special elements for each child.
Most themes can be tweaked so they work for boys and girls. (Think fairies AND pirates or mermaids AND sea creatures. Complementary themes are the easiest way to host just one party.)
As your twins get older, they will have different interests and friends. You’ll need to get more creative with your joint party theme (check out my Twins Top 10 Favorite Things Party). But, I still think as long as you involve and honor each child, you can sensitively create one party. (Would you really expect joint friends to attend two separate parties?)

Making One Party Special for Two Children

Incorporate each of their favorite colors.
Have two cakes (unless they really don’t care about it — mine have gone back and forth on the cake thing) and sing “Happy Birthday” twice.
You don’t need two dessert tables, but do include each child’s favorite treats.
Create a special place setting for each birthday child.
Make sure the invitation reflects the party is for twins (hint: this means more than just having two names on the invite). Extra points for a double-sided invitation.
On party day, have a helper like grandma get the kids ready so you can attend to last minute party details.
One nice party favor from both twins will get the job done.
When your kids are young, double up on the thank you notes. As they get older, have each write her own notes.

Hosting Two Parties

If separate parties feel necessary for your twins, try to plan one on Saturday and the other on Sunday so you can re-use as much decor as possible.
Don’t go wild with the guest list: a smaller party is always better for kids so they don’t become overwhelmed. Early on, your twins will probably share friends. As your twins get older and have more individual friendships, make sure they each give you guest lists — but you set a cap for each list. You can gradually stretch your list the older your twins get.

My Twins’ Birthday Parties

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Guest Birthday Parties for Twins

Parties for twins that have been featured on my blog, plus a few brother-sister parties that would work terrifically for boy-girl twin parties.

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