Yesterday, I mentioned an interview I was preparing for this summer. Today, you get to listen in! The interview was part of Monique Brown’s Total Woman Summit, and of course it’s free to you.

Total Woman Summit Day 7 - Secrets of a Party Planner

Monique teaches women the skills necessary to life a more charming life–a life in which we achieve what we desire most. Unfortunately, many of us weren’t trained how to advocate for ourselves and for what we want gracefully. But that’s what Monique is dedicated to teaching, and I was thrilled to help her out.

Of course, I was FAR from Monique’s only interview. The telesummit features 19 other truly impressive teachers with lessons like:

  • Creating the home of your dreams
  • Creating income by positioning your expertise
  • Finding your purpose
  • Cultivating your spirit
  • Inspiring your fella–not obligating him–to do for you
  • And of course, getting your house party ready and celebrating like a pro!

These teachers make it look easy!

TWS Speakers

I was honored to be one little part of this summit. I think the topics Monique has chosen are so close to our hearts, and truly important for creating a life that we really love.

So, if you’re been feeling stuck, and you’re ready to live a forward-moving and charming life, this is your chance.

Best of all, the summit is delivered to your email, so you just check in when it’s convenient for you. Grab your FREE summit replay here:

Give my session a listen, then come back here and tell me what you thought–can’t wait to hear from you! (And don’t forget, the session gives you a chance to register for my free gift to attendees.)

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