I know you all love your wreaths … so here’s my New Year’s Eve wreath for you. Yes, New Year’s is still a month away, but you need some Christmas supplies to make this wreath, so I wanted to give you enough advance notice. This wreath meets my two favorite criteria: cheap and cute! You can make this for only $20!! (I love all the light reflecting on my door from the sun hitting the tinsel.)

Tick tock tinsel wreath by Double the Fun Parties


  • 14-inch foam circle wreath
  • 50-foot tinsel garland in silver (I got mine at Big Lots for $3 – the brand was Santa’s Boutique)
  • 3 floral pins
  • 4 silver bows (I got mine at WalMart, 4 for $3 – the brand was Holiday Time)
  • Silver-toned old fashioned alarm clock (Big Lots for $8 – mine looks gold-ish in some photos but it’s silver)
  • 2 glue dots
  • Door hanger



This is super easy and you can make the wreath in about 30 minutes.

1 – Unwrap just enough of the garland to start wrapping the wreath. (It’s easier to keep most of tinsel on the roll.) Pin the end of the tinsel to the inside of the wreath.


2 – Continue wrapping the garland around the wreath by passing the entire roll of tinsel through the wreath. As you go, tuck each roll of the garland tightly against the previous roll.



3 – When you get all the way around the wreath, pin the garland on the inside of the wreath. Do not cut off the garland.



 4 – Set the alarm clock. Pass the remaining garland through the arched handle on the top of the alarm clock so that it will hang from the center top of the wreath.


5 – Wrap the garland around the wreath again and secure with another floral pin. Do not cut off the garland.


6 – Peel the sticky back off the four bows and apply them to the top of the wreath over the alarm clock. (I thought I would need to hot glue the bows to the garland, but the bow’s own stickum did the trick.)


7 – Put a wreath hanger over your door. Pull the garland through the back of the wreath and up over the hanger. I used a glue dot to secure the garland to the front of the hanger and another to back of the hanger. Now cut off the garland.


And here’s your finished wreath.



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