With summer here, I think of little girls in pretty dresses and tea parties. So I wanted to shine the spotlight on my Vintage Tea Party Plan: a DIY plan to guide you in recreating my tea party!

A party classic, my Vintage Tea Party Plan transports your guests to a world of hats and gloves, fine manners and finger foods. I give you 50+ pages of full color photographs and complete instructions so that you can create your own tea party.

At our Vintage Tea Party, your guests will:

  • Enjoy a full tea with a menu we’re carefully planned for you
  • Decorate hats so they will be properly attired
  • Adorn themselves with gloves and necklaces
  • Learn how to walk while balancing a book on their heads
  • Play “drop the sugar cube in the teapot”
  • Enjoy a teapot pinata

Our downloadable PDF features every how-to party detail. You can make the party as simple or as elaborate as you choose (and as your budget allows.

Your party plan includes so much!

Shopping Resources

  • Budget estimator (and ways to lower your spending)
  • Shopping list (and links to our vendors)

Planning Aids

  • Advice on picking the party location, day and time
  • Recommendation for invitations and party printables
  • Step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your party
  • Day of the party schedule

 Decorating Tips

  • Recommendations for decorating your dessert table backdrop
  • Advice on creating tablescapes

Food, Drink and Cake

  • Recommendations on tea sandwiches, scones, drinks, sweets and cake


  • Guide for all your activities and crafts
  • How-tos for decorating hats
  • How-tos for practicing posture by balancing books on your head
  • How-tos for sugar cube relay
  • Advice for success with pinatas


  • Tutorial for making “crackers” to hold necklaces
  • Tutorial for backing your china cabinet with fabric
  • Tutorial for creating doily goodie bags
  • Tutorial for creating a fabric and doily banner


  • Recommendations for favors (darling felt cookies)
  • Recommendations for packaging your favors (tea tins!)

Your party plan will be sent to you via email within 48 hours of your order.

To see more photos of our tea party, please visit the Double the Fun Parties blog here and here.

Thank you so much for your support of our parties! We work really hard to create detailed, thorough and beautiful party plans. I’d love for one of our plans to help you host your next party. And if you purchase one of our plans, please send us your party photos — we’re dying to know how it went!

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