(With apologies to Oprah.)

I know for sure that I love making parties for children. Your kids, my kids — whomever. It just makes me happy to delight children.

I love collaborating with moms. It’s always a blast to see what ideas they already have, and how excited they are about planning for their child’s birthday. When I can add something that makes the planning easier for them, or that captures the essence of an idea they couldn’t articulate, it’s been a good day.

Every day, something happens in my online party planning world that makes me smile. Sometimes, it’s the best part of my day. It might be a sweet note from Debra of Titi’s Tutus remembering a month-old conversation, or a comment that one of you took the time to leave on this blog or Facebook. Party world is just a nice place to be.

I have more ideas than I can shake a stick at, which amazes me. For years, I’ve thought I just wasn’t that creative. An issue of Martha Stewart Living would leave me wondering, “How do they think of all these ideas?” But — surprise — it turns out creativity begats creativity. (Now if I could just find all the notes I’ve jotted down…)

For sure, time is what you make of it. After my twins were born, I cancelled my subscription to Martha Stewart Living. I thought I’d never have time to tackle her elaborate projects. But being a working mom of twins gives new meaning to the idea of multitasking. And I’ve rediscovered that when you have passion for something, you find the time and the energy to make it part of your life. Of course I wish I had more hours in the day, but I know I’m spending my hours in a worthwhile way.

I was moving into Collective CoOp on Sunday — some of my party kits are going retail! — and chatting with Nicole, the store’s owner. Nicole asked how old my girls are, and when I said, “Seven” she said, “Wait — you have twins? You have twins? You have TWINS?!”

They are the reason for my love of children’s parties. They are the reason I started crafting again. Maybe I’m the reason they play “shop” so often. When I sell a party plan or party kit, they do a little dance to celebrate Mommy’s success. I hope they’ll see me grow this business and realize they also can chart their own course. Right now, Meg’s dream job is waitress and Grace’s is marine biologist. I can’t wait to see what they ultimately pursue.

And now, I know for sure that it’s time to play Monopoly with my babies.


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