Leftover Halloween cupcake liners, anyone? Me too. I can’t bear to let them sit around til next year, so I decided to turn mine into turkey cupcake toppers. As usual, this is a quick, easy and cheap project — and one you can do with your kids.


Cupcake liners in two colors

Lollipop sticks


Candy corn

Hot glue gun



1 – Place one color cupcake liner inside another.

2 – Use your scissors to poke a small hole in the center of the liners.

3 – Fold the liners in half.

4 – Cut slits into the liners to create feathers. (Also slit the fold on either side.)

5 – Put a line of hot glue in the center of the inside liner on either side of the hole. Insert your lollipop stick from the outside.

6 – Fold the cupcake liners over the lollipop stick and press to seal.

7 – Add hot glue to the back of a large button to create the body of your turkey. Add this to the base of the cupcake liner fold. Repeat with a smaller button to create the head of your turkey.

8 – Add hot blue to the base of a candy corn to create the turkey’s beak. Place this in between the large and small buttons. (Please excuse my ratty Halloween manicure!)

And here’s the finished product!


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