Today I’m excited to welcome a new sponsor, Inkwell Design Studio. Jessica Williams is the designer behind Inkwell. She creates unique custom designs on luxurious paper or as printable digital files! And she’s been generous enough to create FIVE toy library free printables just for you!5 free toy library checkout sheet printables by Inkwell Designs for The Party Teacher

The other morning I had an idea that I’m pretty excited about: a toy library sign-out sheet. I immediately emailed Jessica and she willingly took on this project.

Please tell me I’m not alone with this problem: we have “migrating” toys in my house. They get brought up to the living room from the playroom and never put back, despite charming promises. But my girls also love going to the library and they know the books have to be returned. So it finally occurred to me … what if we made a cute check-out sheet for toys?

Download Toy Library Red/Blue

ToyCheckout3(1)The idea is that the girls would feel more responsibility for returning their toys to their homes. We’ve put this into effect and so far, the system is proving popular.

Download Toy Library Green/Pink


Of course, the first step was getting all the toys back to their proper home. I did this in a few ways, to make it more fun and less daunting for the girls. (Honestly, I feel like I should be able to say “Clean up this mess right now” and they would hop to it. But the reality is, that approach never fully works.) So here’s what we’re doing:

1 – The “5-minute pick up.” I set the microwave timer for 5 minutes, and they race to pick up as much as they can before the timer goes off.

2 – The “10 things a day.” Each girl has to pick up 10 toys or crafts or coloring pages or whatever they have all over the living room floor. “One thing” means all the colored pencils, not one pencil.

3 – The “directed pick-up.” I just tell them what category of stuff to pick up. Then they go back to playing, then they pick up some more, and so forth. Today it was: pick up all the dolls and their clothes and put them away in your room. Later, I had them clean up a birthday craft. Finally, they picked up all the shoes and socks.

Download Toy Library Purple/Teal


Jessica designed five versions of the toy library, just right for boys and girls or any age. Mine have been using this with a lot of success. It takes all the fussing out of picking up, so I am a happy momma.

Download Toy Library Green/Orange


Download Toy Library Pink/Mint


I’ve also pulled some of my favorites from the Inkwell Designs Studio shop to show off for you.

I received compensation for this review, but all opinions are my own. I only introduce companies and products to you that I believe in.

Need a graduation announcement?

IDS Graduation Invitation

How stunning is this nursery print?

Here’s an 8″x 10″ birth announcement print … what a great Mother’s Day gift for a new mom!

While Inkwell may be a new name to you, Jessica has worked in design and stationery professionally for the past five years. She says, “I am inspired by crazy-good typography, bold and unusual color palettes and all the pretty things around me.” I am so struck by Jessica’s use of fonts and colors; I just love her combinations.

A darling dinosaur invitation… Jessica can add a backer design to any invitation.

Personalized art prints, customized birth announcements, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, wedding shower invitations, bridal shower invitations, baptism and christening invitations, bachelorette party invitations — Inkwell offers it all!

A cute bounce house party invitation!

A gorgeous bridal shower invitation.

This one may be my favorite. My two love to read and this would be pretty darn cute over their bookcase.

I might have to have this for the girls’ play kitchen.

IDS Sweets & Treats

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I received compensation for this review, but all opinions are my own. I only introduce companies and products to you that I believe in.

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