Are you baking your way through the pandemic? I am. Anything I can do to keep my hands busy is what I’m doing, really. This weekend, it was baking banana bread.


I’ve never made banana bread, despite meaning to try it for years. Oh, the things you find time for when the world comes to a screeching halt. Anyway, I had brown (not even spotted, all brown) bananas sitting on the counter. Since we can’t find nearly the groceries we’d like at the store, I wasn’t about to throw them out.

There are approximately 1.2 billion banana bread recipes on Pinterest. Not really. Well, maybe. Who knows – I made that number up. I found this recipe at Kitchn, and it was so clearly written that it was the one I decided to try.

Baby B and I made the bread together, which got her nose out of her phone. We used both a half cup of mini chocolate chips and a half cup of toasted walnuts, and it was so good.

Did I mention that I don’t even like bananas? The bread was soooo good, I ate it for breakfast and dessert. (Not dessert after breakfast — dessert after dinner — although my husband eats an after-breakfast chocolate chip cookie EVERY day. How does he not weigh 300 pounds?)

Even Baby A, who wants to eat only about three things right now, loved the banana bread. For that, Kitchn has my complete devotion.

I have no profound COVID-19 advice, except to say, I’m trying to balance staying informed vs. totally freaking out, washing hands vs. hugging my kids, caring for my mom vs. keeping her isolated — in other words: nothing unusual these days.

So, don’t let your brown bananas go to waste. Wash your hands and get baking. It’s a great distraction, and if there was ever a time for comfort food, it’s now.

(And if you’re not up for baking and decluttering or otherwise keeping busy to cope: do the opposite. Crawl under a blanket and watch Netflix. Just promise to not beat yourself up for however you want to cope.)

Take care — and please let me know in comments what you’re baking and how you’re spending this weird time with your kids.

Not to mention … what do you want to see on my blog right now? I know I’m enjoying the escape of pretty party posts on Instagram right now, even though parties are on hold. So I’m planning to keep sharing tutorials, and baking and parties for the day when everything goes back to normal. Sound good? Or not so much? I’m open — just let me know.

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