If you’ve browsed Pinterest lately, you’ve seen a lot of love for Hello Kitty parties. So I think you’ll really like this Hello Kitty party from Michelle of Cakewalk. Michelle designed all the printables and prepared all the sweets — including the darling Hello Kitty cake! (Not sure when she sleeps…)

This candy table was designed for little Daniella’s second birthday. This table featured classic candy that all the guests were swooning over.

To celebrate this special birthday, Michelle made a Hello Kitty cake decked out in a pink party dress and a pearl necklace! On the inside was a white cake with strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream frosting– yum!

Hello Kitty Pez dispensers were surrounded by Pez refills, mini swirl lollipops, Necco Wafers and Pixy Stix. Candy rings and bracelets were stacked up high and candy lipstick, Hello Kitty lollipops and Nik-L-Nips added to the sweet display.

Michelle designed the Necco wafer wraps.

These were my favorite as a kid! I thought it was so wild that you could bite off the top of the wax bottle!

Michelle used her flag wrappers on the Pixy Stiks. (At our house, I confiscated our left over Pixy Stiks from Halloween and they are on a shelf only Mommy can reach. Don’t tell.)

Once the cake was cut, guests were able to fill their favor boxes with the candy of their choice. It was, very literally, kids in a candy store!

We used to get candy bracelets on the way to my Grandparents’ lake place. Who knew candy held so many childhood memories?

Love this party? Then you’ll want to head over to Michelle’s Etsy shop because she’s having a 40% off sale right now. Just enter PARTYWITHCAKEWALK at checkout. (This is called the Pretty in Pink collection in her shop.)

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