I’m busy planning a Flower Fairy Party and crafting my little heart out at night. Every time I create a new DIY Party Plan, I like to share at least one of my tutorials with you, so here’s your freebie from our Flower Fairy Plan.

Fairy dust necklaces by Double the Fun Parties

Supplies Needed

Glass vials with cork and metal loop (Bottles ‘N Things)

Nylon craft cording

E6000 glue (WalMart)






1 – Cut the nylon cord long enough to be a necklace and slip easily over your child’s head. For me, that was a 29″ length.

2 – Melt the ends of the cord to seal them and prevent fraying.

3 – Mix your fairy dust: 2 parts sugar to 1 part glitter. (Don’t let your children help with this project so they can believe the fairy dust is real!)

4 – Pour the fairy dust into the vials and push in corks tight.

5 – Put a dot of glue on the center of the cork.

6 – Push the loop slightly into the cork and then twist it the rest of the way in. Try to keep this centered and straight.

7 – Thread the cord through the loop.

8 – Tie off the cord.

And here are your finished fairy dust necklaces.

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