I am busily working on a Custom Party Plan for my sweet client Angie, and having fun looking at Super Mario Brothers parties for inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite touches and links to the full parties.

Chocolate Wii Remote from Amy’s Party Ideas

Amy says: “For the ultimate Super Mario party favor…chocolate Wii remotes molded with white candy melts! To ensure they wouldn’t break, I added a thin layer of foam core behind the chocolate and for an added party favor, I slipped a Wii Remote skin in a Super Mario Bros design in the back of each package.”

Party Games and Activities via Amy’s Party Ideas

This party, from an Amy’s Party Ideas client, features great games. (And you know I love any party that is not only about great decor and desserts but ALSO about kids having fun!) I also love the game prizes this mom devised: “Each child was given a Mario pencil pouch (which I bought from the dollar bin at Target) and they used them to collect gold coins (candy from dollar store) at each game.”

Party Props by Banner Events via Hostess with the Mostess

While this party has lots to recommend it — including stunning cookies — I’m impressed with all the party prop crafting going on here. PVC piping green tubes, pirahna plants, and bricks – oh my!


Fireflower Cookie Pops by Pra Voce Festas Especiais via Kara’s Party Ideas

The balloon backdrop at this party is amazing. The kind of patience that must take … I just don’t think I possess it! But here’s what else caught my eye: the fireflower cookie pops in the ubiquitous green tubes. Talk about form meeting function!

Fire Flower Cookie Pops

Chocolate Covered Apples from J At Your Service via Catch My Party

I take my imaginary hat off to this mom who hand illustrated and colored in her own party decorations. But most of all, I love her chocolate covered applies, drizzled with Super Mario Brothers colored candy melts, and topped with twisty pipe cleaners.

chocolate covered apples

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