I am ready for it to be warm. So, so ready. Seeds are out in the stores, even though it’s way too cold to plant, but it’s made me start thinking of a gardening party. I think this could be a really fun outdoor party for kids 4 and up. Here’s what I’m dreaming of.

From The Art of Cookies

 Flower cookies The ART of Cookies

Boys or girls, this is a party for anyone who likes to play in the dirt. I know the girls’ favorite part of gardening is the hope that the ice cream truck will come by while we’re outside. How fun would it be to hire a surprise visit from an ice cream or snow cone truck?

From Mary Had a Little Party

Flower cupcake toppers Mary Had a Little Party

From Maureen Cracknell Handmade

Felt birthday crowns Maureen Cracknell

 From Pink Frosting Cookies

Flower Ladybug Cookies Pink Frosting Cookies

 From Suzy Is An Artist

From Scribblers Crayons

Garden crayons Scribblers Crayons

 From White Tulip Boutique

Moss Table Markers Plethora Gifts

And because mom deserves a little something special for planning the party, how about this bracelet from Nest Pretty Things?

 Morning Garden Bracelet Nest Pretty Things

To see even more ideas and links to fabulous garden parties, visit my Garden Party Pinterest board.

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