At our budget-friendly Pink Pig Party, the activity and treat were one and the same: decorating pink pig cupcakes. I found this idea from Executive Homemaker via Tip Junkie and modified it to make it easier for kids, with less clean up for moms. Here are the step-by-steps!

how to make pink pig cupcakes - perfect for a Pink Pig Party, Barnyard Party, Olivia Party, Peppa Pig Party by The Party Teacher


  • Vanilla cupcakes with light pink frosting (I used vanilla cupcakes since we were getting plenty of chocolate from the hot cocoa. And yea, you could bake your own cupcakes but Target sells a dozen for $8 and their buttercream rocks.)
  • Pink pipe cleaners (One pipe cleaner will decorate two cupcakes.)
  • Strawberry marshmallows
  • Wilton candy eyes
  • Chocolate chips (Mini or regular-size; I used mini because it’s what I had on hand.)
  • Sweethearts candy hearts (Have your child pick out just the pink ones.)

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-136Instructions

I put all my decorations in a little bowl and gave each girl enough to decorate two cupcakes — one to eat at the party, and one to take home.

1. If you want to minimize the mess, give each child a pre-frosted cupcake. That’s what I did. Otherwise, I’d pre-tint the frosting and give each child a baggie of frosting or a spatula and a small bowl of frosting.

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-372. Use a plastic, serrated knife to slice a strawberry marshmallow in half on the curved side. This gives you a circle for the snout. Gently press the snout into the cupcake, with the top of the marshmallow at the center of the cupcake.

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-1113. Place two candy eyes above the snout.

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-1164. Turn two chocolate chips upside down and gently press them into the marshmallow. The marshmallow is sticky enough to hold the chips in place.

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-1215. Turn the candy hearts so the print is facing away from you. Turn them point side up. Place one heart above and to the outside of each eye. These are your ears.

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-1176. Pre-cut the pipe cleaners in half. Show the kids how to twist the pipe cleaner around your index finger. (Use your thumb to hold one end of the pipe cleaner against the base of your index finger. Then wrap the pipe cleaner around and down to the tip of your finger.) Insert the pipe cleaner at the top edge of your cupcake, in between the ears.

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-126

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-130

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-128

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-138

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-132

20140105_DoubletheFun_PinkPig_Viridian Images_Photography_photo-131

Party Credits

Party styling: Double the Fun Parties

Photography: Viridian Images Photography

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