Welcome to part six of our Halloween Party Planning Challenge! Today,we’re talking about the final push to get ready for your Halloween party. And later this week, I’ll share my party with you plus all the tutorials!

Here are are the first parts of our series, in case you’ve missed anything:

At this point in your party planning process…

  • You’ve mailed invitations.
  • Online ordering is done and orders are arriving.
  • Local shopping (except for food) is done.
  • You’ve been crafting and picking up/cleaning your house and yard.

Now, it’s final push time! Here’s your daily agenda to get you party-ready. Of course, you can condense any steps you want to. I’ve just divided the work into daily tasks in case that’s all you have time for.

Day 1:  Finish any remaining crafting.

Day 2:  Iron your tablecloths and any fabric you may be using. If your party will be indoors, and you need to use a backdrop scaffolding, assemble that now. Your backdrop is the first part of your party set-up you’ll need to create; then you’ll build out from there.

Day 3:  Clean the party floor of your house (or schedule to have it cleaned). I’m thinking about your powder room, plus final vacuuming or mopping and dusting. All the “heavy lifting” decluttering and cleaning should be done by now. Sweep your front stoop and wipe down your front door.

Day 3:  Set your (indoor) dessert table with your backdrop, tablecloth, serving pieces and any other decorations.

Day 4:  If space permits, set your party dinning table. Set up your party favor table, if you’ll have a separate table. If you’ll be eating outside, obviously this step will need to wait until party day. In that case, recruit help, and start early that morning.

Day 5:  Grocery shop and buy flowers. Bake any food you will provide.

Day 6 – The Day Before:

  • Arrange flowers.
  • Pick up any baked goods previously ordered (if ordered locally).
  • Charge your camera and video camera batteries.

Day 7 – Morning of the Party:

  • Assign someone to pick up rentals (like tables or chairs) as early as possible.
  • Get yourself ready early so you don’t cheat yourself on time.
  • Make any last-minute food.
  • Set out chilled drinks.
  • Set out food that doesn’t require refrigeration.

And that’s the gist of it! Your to-do list may be a little different. But I hope this gets you started! I’m excited for you and hope you’ll share your Halloween party photos with me!

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