For the kids, Halloween is about dressing up, running around with friends, and candy. My Halloween needs are simpler: it’s pretty much all about the candy.

Halloween Candy Serving Trays

Shopping for Halloween candy gave me one last Halloween party idea to share with you: turning candy bars into serving trays — serving trays that you can eat at the end of the party!! No washing up: I pretty much think this is the perfect party idea.

All you need is to choose relatively flat candy bars in a multi-pack. Reese’s, Hershey’s, or Kit Katz all are good choices. Place two multi-packs close together on your dessert table and you’re done. It is that simple.

Cookies and cupcakes balance perfectly on the candy bars. Cake pops would work great, too – one sitting pop-down on each Reese’s.

Easy Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Well, of course I had this “candy bars as serving trays” brainstorm after I tossed my free printables from the Pumpkin Decorating Halloween Party. And that left me with nothing to dress up my Target-bought cupcakes.

So I turned to my party stash and came back with googly eyes, fuzzy spiders, orange plastic forks and hot glue. Instant cupcake toppers. I kind of love them — and they took just minutes to assemble.

The cookies I used came from Target. I hate to say it, but don’t buy them. My daughter said they tasted “like Crayons”.

I asked her — in horror — “How do you know what Crayons taste like?”

And she says, “You know how you just know how some things will taste by their smell? The cookies smell like Crayons.”

Hmm, no? I can’t argue with her imaginary logic, but I also didn’t risk trying the cookies.

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