I know we’re all waaay too young to know the song, “I’m just wild about Harry” but, I am wild about Prince Harry. He just looks fun! And, I’m wild about royal weddings. Since getting up early with my mom and watching Lady Di marry that schmuck, I’ve been hooked. So once Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, I started planning a viewing party in my imagination and today I’m sharing my ideas with you. Here’s how to plan a royal wedding viewing party.

How to throw a royal wedding watch party by The Party Teacher

Okay, I’m going to start by saying that there is not a lot out there — yet — for the royal wedding. The closer you get to the date, the more you’ll find — maybe even some free printables.

But, because we’re excited about the royal wedding and we loooove to plan, you and I are starting early. That way, we’ll be able to (1) buy only what we really need and say “no” to the impulse purchases and (2) jump on sales when they pop up.

Viewing party style

My party is going to be a slightly tape-delayed brunch. I settled on a small guest list of mom friends and their daughters, who are also my daughters’ friends. And then I texted them a save the date with a question: did they want to watch live, which would mean arriving at 7 a.m. ET? Or, did they want to be a little more relaxed and watch the wedding on the DVR? They opted for a 8 .m. ET start time. I think I’ll start recording before that, to make sure we catch any lead-up reporting. But, closer to the wedding we’ll know more about the TV schedule and can adjust our plans.

Viewing party brunch menu

Brunch was an obvious choice, since the wedding will be in the morning our time. But… brunch, I love it so! It’s really hard to choose a menu. I’ll probably do two items in each food group. I am going to try to add a few “English-y” menu items without going full English, ’cause beans on toast is just too weird to me.

I also want my guests to graze, so I’m thinking small bites and frequent returns to the buffet. I’ll be using my vintage party set, and only so much food fits on those little glass plates. They were designed for ladies luncheons, like bridal showers, where you’ll likely be balancing a plate on your lap. (So, for instance, I won’t serve broiled grapefruit, because that would be hard to eat.)

Here’s my menu so far:

  1. Brown sugar bacon
  2. Paula Deen’s French Toast Casserole
  3. Mini scones. I haven’t picked the flavors, yet but I’ll probably make two types. This is my favorite scones cookbook.
  4. Denver omelet breakfast muffins might make the cut. I can prep them the night before, and they are bite-sized.
  5. Or maybe mini quiche. Yum.
  6. Hash brown cups
  7. Mixed berries
  8. Citrus salad with honey and mint

I may go with paper Union Jack napkins and use dress up “engagement rings” as napkin rings.

Viewing Party Desserts

With scones and maybe French toast casserole on the breakfast menu, I guess I don’t really “need” dessert, but how can I not have desserts?! Here’s what I’m thinking of serving.

  • “Wedding” cake. I think I’ll order a two-layer lemon cake with white frosting and ask for some “swirly” piping to give it a wedding cake feel. (I hear lemon is what Meghan has chosen.) This darling cake is from The First Year Blog in case you want to make your own.
  • The cake is really all about me wanting to use this wooden peg wedding couple topper on the cake. I had Texas Pegs on Etsy make me set where “Harry” has red hair and a beard. I crack myself up. I am waaaay too excited about this party.
  • TV cookies – I am so wild about these! They are from Lucy’s Sweet Shop on Etsy and are a must-have for a viewing party.
  • London-themed cookies by DLish Desserts on Etsy are the perfect touch of the UK.
  • These London-themed cake pops by Sweet Whimsy Shop on Etsy are too stinking cute. They are out of my budget, but I have to share them with you though, just in case you can’t resist them.
  • And I may have to add wedding dress cookies from Guilty Confections on Etsy, because that’s really what it’s all about.

Royal Wedding Watch Party Dessert Ideas

You may also want to check out:


I’ll offer coffee and water, of course, but I’m also thinking about two beverage stations:

  • Mimosas for the moms with a mock-mimosa option … although, I have to say no one went for the mock mimosa’s at Will and Kate’s viewing party
  • Another option is a Pimm’s Royale champagne cocktail — just to make it all a little more British.
  • Ice coffee/Frappuccino-style option for our teen girls. (Ack! I have teenagers. I feel all Charlie Brown: “I can’t stand it. I just can’t stand it.”)

Royal wedding viewing party invitation

Here’s the invitation I made for our party on Paperless Post. Be sure to check out my tutorial. This was really easy, and an inexpensive way to send a cute invite.

Royal Wedding - Paperless Post - Viewing Party Invitation

I also found a few options on Etsy that you could adapt to be a viewing party invitation.

Royal wedding viewing party invitations-2

Viewing party decorations

My first thought about decorating for this party was a bit of Downton Abbey inspiration. When anyone got married on the show, the town was draped with white flag bunting. I want to do the same to my dining room or kitchen. But since I can’t decide how much bunting I need, and the fabric bunting tends to add up (and rightly so — that’s a lot of sewing), I think I’ll make my bunting out of white cardstock. I can put the girls on cutting duty.

Royal Wedding - A Fete Beckons - white flag garland

White flag bunting by A Fete Beckons on Etsy

I’m not going to hit the London or union jack touches too hard, but I may add a hint of red, white and blue:

Royal Wedding watch party decor ideas

I don’t think these fit in my party style, but I can’t not show you:

If you are searching for more ideas for your royal wedding viewing party, try some of these keywords:

  • Royal wedding party
  • Harry and Meghan
  • London wedding (This generated so, so many results on Etsy. Try adding “-ring -necklace -ties -earrings -bracelet -dress” to your search. You’ll narrow down the items that aren’t relevant.)
  • Union jack

And when you’re ready to shop, maybe put the items in your cart and walk away for a while. Make sure you still love the items a few hours later — and check that you didn’t get so excited that you blew your party budget.

Viewing party activities

Clearly, our primary activity will be munching while talking about Meghan’s dress, Beatrice and Eugenie’s fascinators, and how Kate looks after having just given birth. But it might also be fun to have something to do. My first thought was making fascinators for everyone to wear at the party, but who am I kidding? I’ll totally run out of time. And fascinators are at least $8 per on Amazon, so no.

Instead, I’m thinking about going through my unusually large stash of silk flower heads and dress up party left overs and having all the components on-hand for everyone to make their own fascinators. Maybe I’ll have a prize for the Fergi-est fascinator! If I can’t even pull that together, I may go with little tiaras for all the guests or these “I’d Marry Harry” crowns.

I also found this printable set on Etsy that includes coloring pages, trivia, and a word search.

Royal Wedding Party - Power Within You - Printable Pack

Party favors

You could make your custom cookies into party favors — a little cello bag with a tag and some Union Jack ribbon would do the trick. But you’ll also find that World Market, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls have lots of end-caps right now with lots of London-themed options that would make cute party favors:

  • Scottish shortbread
  • Fruit drop candies from London
  • English hand lotion
  • Little red phone booth tins

In Home Goods, I found little chocolate sets wrapped with London scenes that I’ll give out. (Even though the tea tins are really cute, I’m not sure most Americans like English tea — at least 13-year-old girls don’t — but chocolate seems like a safe bet!) You might even give chocolate carriage lollipops to your littlest guests who are at Meghan-as-Cinderella stage.

Party Inspiration

And just for inspiration, check out my Royal Wedding Watch Party board on Pinterest. I’ve got loads of Union Jack-inspired desserts and decor, plus London street parties and Jubilee parties — all of which could be great jumping off points for a royal wedding viewing party.

Now off you go: jot down your ideas and shop! If you’ll be watching the royal wedding with friends, what are you most excited about? Are you as big of a fan-girl as I am?

P.S. Do you watch The Windsors on Netflix? It’s an over-the-top comedic soap opera about the royal family, and I think it’s hysterical. I’m also a little convinced that Prince William made a cameo as a chauffeur in season 1, episode 4. I can’t find Internet proof of my theory, but please someone watch even that one episode and tell me I’m right!

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