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Today I’m so excited to welcome Cami Monet Miller to the blog with the ONE of a Kind first birthday party she created for her daughter Mia. This party is sooo gorgeous. Even if you don’t have a one-year old, I KNOW you’ll find design inspiration that you could apply to an art party for any age guest of honor.

ONE of a kind birthday party by Cami Monet via The Party Teacher

I’ll let Cami tell you all about her party!


Theme inspiration

I’m a watercolor artist, and I often say that my little girl is my greatest creation yet, so I knew something art-related was a must. I considered so many other first birthday themes, but none felt quite right. Mia is radiant and joyful…one-of-a-kind! It was the perfect theme that captured her personality AND mine too. (Because let’s be real: throwing a first birthday party is so much fun!!)

I wanted her party to be bright and bold…no neutrals here. I was very inspired by flowy watercolor shapes, lavender hues and dried florals. I own a stationery and party boutique, so I was able to find almost everything I needed in my own shop! Win-win!



I used to design wedding invitations full-time, so I tend to go all out with stationery! I did a die-cut scallop design with funky ombre colors and watercolor brush calligraphy. I couldn’t resist adding some sparkly thread to the main invitation as well. It just felt right!

The envelope liners were the same artwork as the abstract piece so it tied together nicely! (I saved the liner scraps and cut them up to use as confetti at the party as well!) The envelopes were the prettiest pastel purple with a hot pink wax seal and colorful vintage stamps…one of my signature embellishments!


one of a kind Party DIY

One of my favorite details was the paint can “jarcuteries.” I wanted to serve guests out of personalized paint cans, and I needed ALL THE COLORS. I initially found some blank mini paint cans on Amazon, but then had the idea to use soup cans! Of course, I had this thought at the last-minute, so needless to say, my family went through A LOT of cans over the few days leading up to the party. I calligraphed and designed the labels for Brighton Paint Co. (named after my daughter Mia Brighton, of course) and printed  and assembled on the freshly-washed cans. I used paper cups as inserts to make prepping the food easy AND prevent guests from cutting themselves on the sharp edges. It worked perfectly!


art Backdrop

I designed a custom color palette poster with all of my daughter’s favorite things in color form. I thought it was a cute way to sum up a snippet of her personality, and we got lots of laughs from it!


The other art piece I made for her was an abstract watercolor piece. It was the perfect pop of color! As an extra nod to the art theme,  I added a cute museum gallery description too. Those were my two “anchor” pieces for the backdrop, and then I added on from there.


I wanted it to feel like an artist’s studio (AKA like mine!) with random little bits of art and inspiration hung up everywhere. I used the Pantone postcards to flow color all across the wall, and then pinned on artwork samples, invitations, envelopes, paper scraps and my Butterfly Party Punchies for a 3D effect! The finishing touch was the custom fringe garland from Glam Fete! I think they are a MUST for any party…I’ve got a collection started now!


Cake Table

I have a slliiiiight obsession with my melamine cake stands, so I was so excited to use those to display all the desserts! (Seriously, they are SO cute, and I have, like, a millions colors available in my shop!) I used some of my art books from my studio to add height to layer up the cake stands, and I added in some cute glass ones from Anthropologie too.


I also DIYed a disco paint palette, and I displayed it by the cake, along with the most beautiful glitter paintbrushes from Lauren Glass Designs. The palette and brushes together were a total showstopper! And of course, the dried floral bouquet fit the vibe of the party so perfectly, and I love that I’ll be able to use it as a decor piece for quite some time! 



I started with one of my very favorite party pieces…one of my table runners!! They are 8-feet-long and totally waterproof, so you can reuse them over and over again. Pretty cool, right?? I actually designed the lavender watercolor stripes just for Mia’s party, but I added it in to the shop too because purple is THE color of the year, am I right? I then used my Instant Party Pink Grid Placemat Pad to add in some hot pink to the color palette and topped it off with fun paint swatch plates and napkins! My Birthday Girl Party Pennant made the perfect centerpiece. 



My mother-in-law graciously made beautiful paint palette and Pantone swatch cookies for the party. They taste even better than they look if you can believe it!! 


Activity and favors

We had a table set up outside with sketch palettes and crayons! Nothing crazy, but it was something simple for the bigger kids to have fun, and it still fit the theme. (I was too scared to let everyone loose with paint, haha.) For favors, I used mini jelly bags from my shop and filled them with a pack of crayons and a miniature paint palette. The kids LOVED the mini palette because you could actually paint with it! How cute are those??


Keep up with Cami

ONE of a kind art birthday party by Cami Monet via The Party Teacher


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Don't miss my FREE party planning cheat sheets.

These are the exact 14 worksheets I use to plan all my parties!

Have fun planning your party (and stop worrying about what you're forgetting).

Plus, you'll get all the latest parties, tutorials, and discounts from The Party Teacher.

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