One of my favorite party tricks is to transform an everyday item into something party special. It’s a sure way to get a low-cost, high-impact result. Which led to me the candy aisle of CVS. (That and the need to pick up a Frappuccino and the latest Vanity Fair.) This is how you make a Valentine’s Day Candy Box Bunting.

Chocolate Box Valentine's Day Bunting by Double the Fun Parties

For a $1.99 x 6, I had the makings of a Valentine’s bunting for my Classroom-Inspired Valentine’s Day Party. (Did you miss how to make the party’s tissue fan backdrop? Get all caught up here.)


  • Heart-shaped candy boxes – I used a box that was about 4″ wide with a small logo.
  • E6000 glue
  • Red baker’s twine
  • Single hole punch – I used an extra small hole punch.
  • Felt heart stickers
  • Safety pins – 2
  • Optional: clear packing tape

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1178


1 – Open your candy boxes and remove the candy liners from the boxes. Divide your boxes in half. Use your hole punch to punch a hole in either side of half of the bottom boxes and in half of the top boxes. (You can discard the box tops that you didn’t hole punch or find another creative use for them.)

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1143

2 – String your boxes together by threading red baker’s twine through the boxes. Leave about 18″ of twine at either end for hanging your bunting. When you have the spacing even between your boxes, you may want to use clear packing tape to secure the twine to the inside of either the box top or bottom. I didn’t do this, but I’ll show you later why you might want to.


DFP Valentine's Day Party 1167

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1151

3 – Inside the bottom boxes, squeeze out your E6000 glue into a heart shape. Place the candy liner back in the box and press down to secure. (The liner may dissolve a little, but plenty will remain. This is some powerful glue; ventilation would probably be a good call.)

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1043

4 – Glue the back of each piece of candy and place it back in the candy liner. Press for a few seconds, then set aside to dry. (Follow dry time instructions on the glue.)

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1050

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1049

5 – For your boxes without candy, slip empty bottoms back into the tops. I tried hanging the tops without the bottoms reinserted, and they kind of flopped around. They need the extra weight to remain more upright. The twine is so lightweight, that it’s no problem that the bottom box pushes it around … BUT, once you hang the bunting, it will have weight from the candy pulling on the twine, and that tension on the twine will push out the pesky bottom box. So, solve that problem by taping the twine into the inside top box.

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1176

6 – Now, use your felt heart stickers to hide the product logo.DFP Valentine's Day Party 1154DFP Valentine's Day Party 1157

7 – Wrap either end of the twine several times around the base of your safety pins. Then, pin the bunting to your tablecloth, and disguise the pin with your table runner like I did, or pop another felt heart sticker over the pin.

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1077

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1067

DFP Valentine's Day Party 1060

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