How to Host a Birthday Party With Less Stress, Less Time and More Fun

Learn More in the Party Classroom

Where will you start when it’s time to host your next birthday party? You probably start with a hint of idea, and then turn to Google or a favorite party blog. Pretty soon, you’re pinning ideas to your birthday party board on Pinterest. About 100 pins later, overwhelm sets in. Now what? Which ideas do […]

101: How to Style a Dessert Table {Part 3: Embellish Your Table}

How to Embellish Your Table

Half the fun of the dessert table is dressing it up. Once you choose your menu, serving pieces and arrangement, you can have fun with tablecloths, runners, banners and buntings. We talked about adding non-food items to your dessert table in Step 2: Arrange Your Treats, because extras like a framed party invitation can help […]

Freebie Friday: 70+ Back to School Printables

FF Love the Day - School 300x300

Our back to school will be here in about a week. We’ve done the clothes shopping, but still have backpacks and school supplies to go. And, I am hoping to squeeze in a first day of school mini party. I’m thinking my chalkboard wall in the basement playroom will be the perfect backdrop. We have […]

101: How to Style a Dessert Table {Part 2: Arrange Your Treats}

How to Arrange Your Treats

There are TWO dessert tables: the one in your mind, and the one in reality. They don’t always match. And there’s a really good reason for that: the way you arranged your treats just isn’t working. Maybe everything is too spaced out. Or maybe the arrangement lacks balance. Or, maybe you’ve over-styled and now it’s […]

Shark Party! Celebrate Sharknado 3 In Style

Shark chum Jell-O 300x300

Full disclosure: I freaking LOVE the Sharknado series. It is so exquisitely dumb. You don’t have to be interested in sharks or tornadoes, because the movie revels in its dumbness. One of my girls loves sharks and one loves tornados, and I loved Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day, so we’ve watched from the […]

My Parties: How to Plan a Bake Sale in 7 Steps

Bake Sale by The Party Teacher-09 300x300

Last summer, my girls wanted to have a lemonade stand. They’ve never had one before, and pretty soon, it turned into a summer project — and morphed into a neon snow cone stand to benefit The Confetti Foundation. We’ve turned this into an annual event, and I’ll share my best tips for planning a successful […]

Tutorial: How to Make Jolly Rancher Lollipops

Jolly Rancher Lollipops by The Party Teacher - 21 300x300

This week is all about getting ready for our bake sale to benefit The Confetti Foundation. (Here’s why I support them.) And since this is a one-woman-and-twins effort, we have spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest, looking for recipes that are (1) bake sale favorites and (2) really easy. (Want to follow along? […]

New Party Plan: Gardening Party (The Solution for Summer Birthdays)

Gardening Party by The Party Teacher-cover 300x300

Summer makes me want to lay around with a cool drink and read. Or, let’s be honest: nap. But it seems to have the opposite effect on my kids. They get get a little wilder. Our schedule, despite my best efforts, goes out the door. I forget to make them shower. Or brush their teeth. […]

My Parties: How to Host a Children’s Gardening Party (It’s Time to Play in the Dirt!)

Gardening Party by Double the Fun Parties-278 300x300

Some time last year, my husband was outside washing the van, and my girls went out to watch him, play, and get all wet. They were entertained for hours, and it was all so simple. It reminded me that it really doesn’t take a lot to make kids happy. And, putting them outside is one […]